Why Join a Genealogical Society?

Do you know how to research beyond the internet?  Do you know how to use newspapers to enhance your research? What about Bureau of Land Management Records?  Do you have German descendants and know available resources to find them?  What about your immigrant ancestors? Do you know how to find them?  Do you want to learn how to Blog?  How to use Family Search effectively?  Would you like a friend that shares your interest in genealogy? These are all things you find in the Williamson County Genealogical Society!!

Part of our commitment as a society is to educate our community and society members on genealogy. In partnership with the Round Rock Public Library we host several events through the year to assist the community in their genealogy endeavors.  In addition to our monthly meetings,  we also have a seminar and library events that serve the genealogy community.

The Chisolm Trail is our quarterly publication available to all members with their membership to WCGS.  Many records have been extracted from the Williamson County Courthouse and listed in the publication.  Not all records are found online, sometime you need to go to the area of your research.  WCGS helps those with ties to the area but cannot access the records themselves.

In addition we now have our Blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter to alert our followers of the new updates to WCGS.  Your membership to the society allows us to continue to sponsor these events and expand our resources to the genealogy world.  Memberships to the society are as follows:

Single Membership $18.00 / yr.
Family Membership $20.00 / yr.
Lifetime Membership $250.00

WCGS Bylaws